Wearable IoT World and Radiant Venture Capital Launch U.S.-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway Accelerator

Closes HKD 35 Million (USD 4.5 Million) Round to Advance

Early-Stage Wearable and IoT Startups in Hong Kong, China and Asia

HONG KONG, January 19, 2016 – Wearable IoT World (WIoTW), based in San Francisco and heralded as the world’s first accelerator dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables and emerging technologies, today has officially launched the U.S.-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway accelerator in Hong Kong. Closing a round of HKD 35 million (USD 4.5 million) led by Radiant Venture Capital, the accelerator will focus on driving IoT innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and Asia while pushing forward IoT development globally. Other investors include TEEC Angel Fund and wCapital. Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (Cyberport) is the official partner of this initiative where it will house WIoTW’s executive office and WIoTW Labs.

“The HKSAR Government welcomes innovation and technology companies from all over the world to set up offices in Hong Kong. With the establishment of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, we have further strengthened our efforts in coordinating, supporting and expediting the development of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology industry.  We applaud the launch of the US-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway accelerator program which will boost IoT and wearable innovation, nurture startups and drive entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.  In the 2016 Policy Address, the Chief Executive stated that the Government will set aside HKD 2 billion to set up an Innovation and Technology Venture Fund to co-invest in local startups with private venture capital funds on a matching basis. Through the joint forces of different stakeholders, we intend to further intensify the development of startups, entrepreneurship, business angels and accelerators in driving high-value innovation and technology industry,” said Ir. Allen Yeung, Government Chief Information Officer of the HKSAR.

“We are thrilled to be able to extend our expertise from the U.S. to this region through a full suite of services for startups and enterprises to excel in IoT, wearables and emerging technologies. This marks a long-awaited milestone in our continued quest to build the easiest pathway to product creation, market awareness, investment and distribution for related startups around the world,” said Mr. Redg Snodgrass, CEO and Co-Founder of WIoTW.

Chief Labs Officer and Co-Founder of WIoTW, Mr. Kyle Ellicott added, “I cannot wait to see the synergy that is sure to unfold with our first class of startups in Hong Kong, and we are truly grateful for the enthusiasm and support of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Radiant Venture Capital and our local partners.”

“Asia is arguably leading the way when it comes to wearable technology, and the development of IoT in the region shows equally promising signs. We are excited that WIoTW sees this potential in the Asian marketplace, and that we share the same vision of driving innovations that will shape our future. Above all, their proven ability to create a viable ecosystem for both game-changing entrepreneurs and existing corporations gives us high conviction that the accelerator will serve as a springboard to bring success for Hong Kong and Asian startups in today’s globalized world,” said Mr. Duncan Chiu, Managing Director of Radiant Venture Capital.

Widely known as an international city, Hong Kong is also an innovation hub and the premier gateway to Mainland China. Making its first foray into Asia through Hong Kong, WIoTW will continue to expand its support for wearable and IoT startups in other Asian markets, including Shenzhen, Singapore and Southeast Asia. With content and concept tailored for Asia, the 15-week accelerator in Hong Kong will empower bright entrepreneurial talents with an extensive suite of services, including customized mentorship, education, office space and business services, designed to create synergy between local and global wearable and IoT sectors. A 15-week accelerator will also be conducted in Shenzhen in the third quarter of 2016. Details of the programs in Singapore and Southeast Asia will be announced later.

WIoTW’s executive office and WIoTW Labs will be opened at Cyberport in Hong Kong. As part of the partnership, Cyberport and WIoTW will also join hands in organizing accelerator events and executive programs that serve the IoT and wearables community.

“We are pleased to collaborate with WIoTW to explore innovative ways to support wearable and IoT startups. This would be a valuable opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about IoT to realize their creative ideas and global ambitions with the support of a world-class accelerator,” said Dr. David Chung, Chief Technology Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited.

The WIoTW Labs has incubated numerous successful startups in the U.S., many of which have attracted significant media spotlight, including Skully, the smart motorcycle helmet, and CreoPop, the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink. Aimed ultimately to foster a global community of IoT and wearable companies and talents, the WIoTW Labs will make its debut in Hong Kong through the U.S.-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway accelerator. It is now open for online application and set to kick off in Hong Kong this May.

Key selection criteria include:

  • No age qualification – founders as young as 14 and old as 56 have been a part of the program
  • No stage requirement – such as pre-funding, seed, series
  • Applicants must move to Hong Kong for the 15-week program
  • Team of two or more
  • Have a prototype
  • Technical knowledge
  • Focus: IoT and Wearables, Emerging Technologies, B2C and B2B
  • Qualities: Dedication, Vision, Humility and Willingness to Learn

For more information, please visit the Wearable IoT World Website.

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 About Wearable IoT World (WIoTW)

Founded in May 2013, Wearable IoT World pioneered the world’s first accelerator focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, and emerging technologies. Wearable IoT World functioned as an innovation hub that later expanded its services to include customized accelerator and advisory programs that develop startup innovation and culture within a corporate environment. Serving the IoT and wearables community with advisory services, publishing services, and conference organization, our goal is to become the instrumental leader and driving force in IoT innovation for brands, businesses, government and bright minds. Our business model uniquely blends the best of venture acceleration, entrepreneurial mentorship, corporate strategic partnerships, and media into one thriving community.

About Radiant Venture Capital

Based in Hong Kong, Radiant Venture Capital focuses on bringing investment to and partnering with the local and overseas entrepreneurs, who seek to create, improve or utilize best-in-class technologies in building successful businesses that brighten the lives of people. Leveraging the experiences and networks of our partners and advisors, Radiant aims to support the development of seed and early stage startups for which technology is a key driver of their competitive advantages.

Wearable IoT World與慧科資本Radiant Venture Capital

推出 U.S.-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway 創業加速器

 此輪集資 3,500 萬港元


香港,2016年1月19日 - 總部位於美國三藩市,同時被譽為全球首家專為物聯網(Internet of Things,IoT)、可穿戴科技及新興科技而設的創業加速器(Accelerator)Wearable IoT World(WIoTW),今日正式在香港推出U.S.-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway創業加速器。此計劃由慧科資本領頭集資3,500 萬港元(450萬美元),將專注於在香港及亞洲推動物聯網革新及創業精神,同時促進全球物聯網發展。其他投資者包括TEEC Angel Fund及wCapital。香港數碼港管理有限公司(數碼港)為此計劃的官方合作夥伴,而WIoTW的行政辦公室及旗下的WIoTW Labs將進駐數碼港。

香港特區政府資訊科技總監楊德斌說:「香港特區政府歡迎世界各地的創新及科技公司於本港設立辦事處。創新及科技局的成立,讓我們可進一步協調、支援並加快香港創新及科技業的發展。我們欣見US-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway創業加速器在香港成立,相信可藉此促進本港物聯網及可穿戴科技的創新發展,並培育初創企業及推動創業生態發展。行政長官在2016年施政報告中指出,政府將預留20億港元成立創科創投基金,以配對形式與私人風險投資基金共同投資於本地創科初創企業。通過與各方持份者合作,我們將繼續加大力度推動初創企業、創業、天使投資者及加速器的發展,以發展高價值的創新及科技業。」

Wearable IoT World行政總裁及聯合創辦人Redg Snodgrass表示:「我們十分高興能夠把在美國汲取的經驗帶來亞洲,為初創公司及企業帶來全方位的服務,讓他們在物聯網、可穿戴科技及新興科技業獲得卓越成就。我們一直致力為全球相關的初創企業,在開發創新產品、加強市場意識、投資及分銷等方面,助他們踏上成功之路。在香港推出U.S.-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway創業加速器正正是我們期待已久,並能實現WIoTW在全球發展的一個重要里程碑。」

Wearable IoT World Labs總監及Wearable IoT World聯合創辦人Kyle Ellicott表示:「我期待為香港一流的初創企業帶來協同效應,亦十分感激香港特區政府、慧科資本及本地合作夥伴的熱誠及支持。」



WIoTW的行政辦公室及WIoTW Labs將進駐數碼港。數碼港及WIoTW亦會聯手為物聯網及可穿戴科技社群,共同舉辦加速器活動及行政人員課程。


WIoTW Labs在美國培育出大量成功初創企業,不少都吸引到市場注目,包括Skully ── 智能電單車頭盔,以及CreoPop ―― 全球首支採用Cool Ink而不會發熱的3D筆。以培育全球物聯網及可穿戴科技企業及人才社區為目標的WIoTW Labs,將透過U.S.-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway創業加速器在香港首次推出,現已接受網上申請


  • 不設年齡限制 ─ 年僅14歲至56歲的企業家均曾參與此計劃
  • 不設階段要求 ─ 例如未曾接受資助、處於種子階段、或於各階段融資的初創企業
  • 申請者必須於香港完成為期15週的計劃
  • 兩人或以上一組
  • 具備原型產品
  • 擁有技術知識
  • 焦點:物聯網和可穿戴科技、新興科技、B2C和B2B
  • 特質:敬業、有願景、謙遜和願意學習

如欲了解更多資訊,請前往Wearable IoT World網站

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關於Wearable IoT WorldWIoTW

在2013年五月成立的Wearable IoT World,是全球首家專注於物聯網、可穿戴科技及新興科技的加速器。WIoTW由創新中心把服務擴展至社群提供顧問,包括度身訂造的加速器及在企業環境內發展初創文化的顧問課程。透過為物聯網及可穿戴科技服務、出版服務及籌辦會議,我們的目標是成為品牌、企業、政府及人才推動物聯網創新的基石。我們的業務模式融合加速集資、創業輔導、企業策略夥伴及媒體服務,打造一個活躍的初創社群。



  • 19 Jan, 2016
  • radiantvc14

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