AlikeAudience builds a mobile data management platform (mDMP) to enable programmatic mobile advertising in Southeast Asia, allowing advertisers to create more effective and fluid campaigns by applying the intuitive, particular and dynamic figures, diagrams and trends derived from analytical tools offered by AlikeAudiance.


Carfit monitors wellness of your car by analyzing the vibrations at the steering wheel, and empowering car owners with information they need to make informed decision on usage, costs and maintenance. Carfit is an alumni of the Wearable IOT World accelerator and is currently a member of the Jaguar Land Rover automotive technology incubator.


Cathay Photonics Limited (CPL) delivers cost efficient, high-throughput fabrication of ultra-hard sapphire crystal thin-film. CPL’s patent pending technology for ultra-hard and anti-scratch sapphire thin-film coating is lightweight, high hardness, cost effective, high optical transmission and short processing time as compared to other existing technologies.


Corephotonics is a compact camera design house with computational photography expertise. It develops patented solutions based on unique algorithms, novel actuators and optical designs to improve camera phone photography. The company develops technologies that will transcend some of the most challenging handicaps of camera phones.


FairFly maximizes air fare savings for travel management companies and their clients by leveraging airfare volatility to identify saving opportunities, after purchase. FairFly’s proprietary algorithms support all types of tickets globally. Through simple GDS integration, FairFly searches for saving opportunities on identical, similar, and better flight options, taking the airline cancellation fees, as well as the client’s corporate travel policy and preferences into account.


Geneformics Data Systems Limited has developed the Geneformics S compressed-file server that leverages Geneformics’ advanced 10x lossless compression technology, coupled with streamed Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) format file serving, to reduce by 90% the storage capacity taken up by NGS data while providing seamless and high-throughput service to unmodified user applications.


Homing Systems focuses on the design and development of secure and accelerated networking solutions for SME and home users, based on compact and easy to deploy virtual private network (VPN) devices.


Insight Robotics is an award-winning technology company that develops automated technology and services to provide data-driven insights to clients for identifying and quantifying risks. Presenting real-time data collected from robots and sensors with Insight’s geospatial intelligence system (GIS) platform, Insight provides their clients with early detection of potentially dangerous or costly situations.


MultiByte Info focused on the development and application of mobile communications technology. Through its subsidiary and associates, the company has obtained Mobile Virtual Network Operator (“MVNO”) licenses in Hong Kong and China. The company will initially be offering mobile service plans to cross-border users while developing a series of cross boarder related value added services to be launched at a later stage. Example of these services may include mobile location based advertising, travel guide, restaurant booking or souvenir shopping services.


Open Sponsorship has developed a marketplace for sports sponsorship. The platform allows brands to search, connect and sponsor opportunities in professional sports world. The company has a growing network that spans 40 countries, 50 sports and 2,000 athletes, teams and events.


Pebbles Interfaces’ technology enables human gesture sensing for interfacing with digital devices or platforms. Pebbles Interfaces develops advanced motion sensors that display physical objects within the digital space, at any range or angle, with no latency.


Tekoia has developed the industry leading mobile app Smartphone Universal Remote (SURE) App for connecting home appliances and security systems for enabling the control of smart homes from mobile devices. The company also aims to offer a universal cloud platform for smart home and IoT applications.


TinyTap has developed an intuitive app creator platform to allow non-technical users to easily create mobile apps for education and training purposes. TinyTap is also the winner of multiple startup awards and have been engaged by Oxford University Press to digitize some of their key pedagogical materials, making them available as cross-platform interactive lessons using TinyTap’s customized game creator system.


FreeD Group has created the TravelFlan service platform to provide text-based personal travel assistant to travelers in Asia. Their service includes trip planning before departure and real-time support during travel.


Clad Innovations Ltd has developed a proprietary air quality sensor technology “TZOA engine” to air quality sensing hardware & software. This has allowed the company to deliver an industrial grade air quality sensor unit in a much smaller size and lower cost than prevailing units on the market.


Vocalzoom is creating a new category of Human-to-Machine Communication (HMC) sensor that augments the output of acoustic microphones. This output from the optical HMC sensor is associated exclusively with the speaker, resulting in highly accurate speech recognition. VocalZoom’s optical HMC sensor technology is poised to play a key role in significantly improving HMC performance in a wide variety of applications. The first and only solution of its kind, it adds an important new UX layer for next-generation system design, enabling systems to gather critical additional information exclusively about the user who is communicating with a device.


Bequest is developing a mobile and online service under the name of “willing” for preparation of legal wills that are fully compliant with legal status in all 50 states and District of Columbia in the USA. This is not a simple task since each of the states have their own set of legal requirements for how wills should be drafted and signed.


Workpop is a jobs platform for local businesses and everyday job seekers, providing seamless hiring for small and medium businesses.


Zeek has developed an app and a marketplace that lets users trade unwanted store credit, including gift vouchers, credit notes, gift cards and e-vouchers. The seller gets to offload credit that is of no use or before it expires, and the buyer gets to purchase credit at a significant discount.